Bug Eyes and the Sacred Scrolls

More About Bug Eyes and the Sacred Scrolls

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      Sir Frederick, a reclusive frog and mystery novelist, knows better than to talk his sister Gertie into giving up the biggest story ever to rock the Animal Kingdom, but he has to try - even if it means crossing into Human Space.

It is 1939. Sir Frederick, known to the Animal Folk by the pen name Phileas Frogge – and to his sister Gertie as Bug Eyes – receives a letter which compels him to abandon home to traverse the dangerous world of Humans to protect Gertie from herself.

Gertie, a reporter, is covering the discovery of an ancient papyrus dug up by Lord Crumm– a weasel who has captured her heart. Painfully familiar with his sister’s knack for getting into trouble, Sir Frederick does some digging himself and discovers that Lord Crumm is not who he claims to be.

Sir Frederick’s well-intended surprise visit to Cairo soon turns into a series of comical adventures that plunge him and Gertie into a world of imposters and hoodlums, each plotting to uncover the greatest archaeological relic of the Animal Kingdom: the Scrolls of Wisdom.

According to legend, the scrolls lie in a labyrinth protected by the Avenger of the Ancients. They hold the answer to restoring the Balance of Nature, which the humans upset 7,500 years earlier when they destroyed the ruling Council of Animal Elders and took absolute control over the Animal Kingdom.

From Alexandria, where the innocent purchase of a scarab curio binds Sir Frederick to the plot, until his soul-searching dilemma at the heart of the Labyrinth, he finds himself drawn ever deeper into a tangle of intrigues woven by archaeologists, opportunists, and thieves. Double crossing assistants, kidnapping, ancient oaths, and even murder, of sorts, all combine to create a bubbling stew, spiced heavily with treachery, greed, and, always, humor.

Sir Frederick and Gertie fall into that stew. Their conflicting methods of thoughtful consideration and quick action propel them into an adventure whose final solution reveals an ancient treachery that has affected the lives of all creatures forever after.

He would rather stay well out of it, but Gertie has no intention of letting this story get away.

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